Fully Managed Cloud-Native Data Platform

Experience the simplicity and exceptional cost-effectiveness of the HSTAP database.


Easy to Use

Fully Managed DataOps Services
  • Visualized data clusters and data management platform, zero-threshold creation and experience with MatrixOne data services.
  • Rich instance management and business monitoring capabilities, efficient management and maintenance of business data clusters.

Higher Cost Efficiency

Serverless Auto-Scaling
  • One-click creation of Serverless instances, innovative pay-as-you-go based on SQL Usage model, no need to focus on machines and resources.
  • Cloud-native Storage-compute separation architecture, as well as a tiered storage solution for hot and cold data, continuously reducing database costs.

Peak Analysis Performance

Hyper-Converged HTAP Kernel
  • Based on the unified storage and compute engine of MatrixOne, it supports multiple workloads such as OLTP/OLAP while ensuring extremely fast query performance.
  • Instance resources automatically expand, and high-concurrency SQL demands can also enjoy ultra-fast performance, quickly launching data exploration through the online SQL editor.

More Flexible for Business Development

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Deployment
  • Support the public cloud and hybrid cloud deployment domestically and internationally, meeting the multi-cloud demands of businesses and avoiding vendor lock-in from a single cloud provider.
  • A unified data and technology architecture provides businesses and data with a flexible space for seamless migration between different cloud environments.

MatrixOne Cloud Architecture

Deploy and Use with Zero Threshold


Automated Deployment

Simply configure to create a Serverless database instance without paying attention to cluster deployment processes or machine and resource management.

Instance Creation in Seconds

Database instances can be created in just a few seconds, allowing for quick and easy onboarding.

Fully Managed Data Service


Rich Web Management Capabilities

Visual instance management interface and data object management, supporting one-click connection, stoppage, and resume of instances.

Real-time Business Monitoring

Offering a multi-dimensional monitoring system, such as instance usage monitoring, SQL performance monitoring, transaction monitoring, etc.

Serverless SQL Experience


Pay-as-you-go based on SQL Usage

Pricing based on the actual consumption of CU (Compute Unit) for SQL, eliminating the need to focus on SQL requirements.

Super Fast SQL Performance

Automatically elastic computing resources for optimal performance experience, with resource isolation between instances ensuring no impact on SQL performance.

Super Fast Online Analysis


Online SQL Editor

User-friendly online SQL editor and interactive tutorial, providing comprehensive SQL analysis capabilities for fast and efficient database application development.

Super Fast OLTP/OLAP Analysis

Simultaneous support for Super Fast OLTP/OLAP and other different workloads, delivering excellent analytical performance for point queries, batch queries, etc.

Available Across Multi-Cloud


Deployment across Public Clouds

Supports cross-public cloud DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) to meet multiple applications' diverse region-based access needs.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Supports a heterogeneous cloud-native architecture, enabling hybrid cloud deployment of public clouds and On-premise infrastructure, providing a unified deployment and management solution.

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