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Separated Storage, Compute, and Transaction

Unlimited scalability and extreme performance are delivered for different workloads by separating storage, compute, and transaction.


Cost-Effective Storage

A universal storage engine supports fast transactional and analytical workloads with minimal redundancy and a low-end storage medium.


Optimized Query Execution

The massive parallel and vectorized execution engine deliver ultra-fast performance for complex analytical queries.


Strong Data Consistency

Multi-Raft replication state machine model ensures strong data consistency in distributed environments, providing users with always up-to-date Data.


Security and Compliance

Enterprise-level safeguards are put in place with role-based access control, TLS connections, encryption of customer data, etc.


MySQL Compatibility

MatrixOne is highly compatible with MySQL8.0, including wire protocol, standard features, SQL syntax, and ecosystem tools.

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Hyper-Converged Innovative Architecture

MatrixOne is a revolutionary hyper-converged cloud & edge native database management system (DBMS) that supports transactional, analytical, and streaming workloads with a simplified and distributed database engine. It deploys and operates seamlessly on heterogeneous infrastructures, such as public and private clouds, data centers, edge servers, and so on.


  • write

    More Reliable High-Performance Data Writing

    • Data writing supports transaction.
    • Write throughput scales linearly.
  • data-storage

    More Cost-Effective Data Storage

    • Reduced data redundancy with single copy of data.
    • Cost reduction through hot-cold data separation.
  • query-preformance

    Extremely Fast Data Query Performance

    • Full SQL query support.
    • Optimal query performance for both simple and complex queries.
  • real-time-etl

    Internal Data Transformation, No Need to Export and Import Data Anymore

    • Built-in streaming engine.
    • Immediate visibility for any data change.


  • tp-ap-isolation

    Configurable Resources

    • Dedicated resource for OLTP and OLAP in a single cluster.
    • Seemless adjustment for OLTP/OLAP resource ratio on the fly.
  • resource-friction

    Infinite and Independant Scalability

    • Linear and fast scaling with stateless compute nodes.
    • Unlimited storage capacity with S3 object storage.
  • strong-extensibility

    Deploy Anywhere

    • Support deployment in Edge device / Data Center / Private Cloud / Public Cloud.
    • Auto data synchronization across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.
  • mysql-compatible

    MySQL Compatible

    • Support main MySQL mgt&dev tools: Navicat, Workbench, DBeaver etc.
    • Support main data itegration tools: Kafka, Flink, Spark, Kettle, Canal etc.
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