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Simple, Fast, Cloud Native Database
Supports transactional, analytical, streaming on a unified architecture.

Break the Boundaries of Data

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Ease of Use, Excellent Development Agility
  • Simplified maintenance and operations with one unified database.
  • No external ETL required from transactional to analytical.
  • Self-driving autonomy without operational overhead.


Cost- and Analytic-efficient
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with zero charges in downtime.
  • Multi-petabyte data on S3-ish storage at the best price.
  • Ultra-fast analytical query response across both live and historical data.


Independent, Dynamic and Autonomous
  • Independent and fine-grained scaling for a different types of workloads.
  • Limitless horizontal scalability for reads and writes.
  • On-demand auto-scaling without complex operations.


Any data, Any workload and Anywhere
  • Multiple data types (relational, JSON, time-series, geo) supported.
  • Auto-adaptive scaling on transactional and analytical workloads.
  • Easy deployment with on-premise, public clouds and hybrid cloud environments.

Unleash the Value of Data


Hyper-converged Engine

  • Converged Storage Engine
  • High Performance Computing Engine
  • Built-in Streaming Engine

One storage and computing engine can support mixed workloads such as OLTP, OLAP, and time series, enabling a single database to serve multiple data applications.

Innovation on the capability of incremental materialized view make the real-time visibility of data updates happen, including data updates and deletions synchronized to downstream data tables.


Heterogeneous Cloud-native Technologies

  • Unified Technology Architecture
  • Storage and Computation Separation
  • Load Resource Isolation

The flexible and unified architecture support the seamless migration for deployment, applications and data on and off the public cloud, self-built data center and edge node.

With cloud-native fine-grained management technologies such as storage and computing separation, read and write separation, and serverlessization, MatrixOne helps to reduce storage costs, achieve the ultimate elastic expansion and contraction.


Ultimate Performance

  • Super Fast Analysis Performance
  • Strong Distributed Consistency
  • Resource-independent Expansion

MatrixOne's efficient vectorized execution engine ensures extremely fast analysis performance. Also, consistency protocols support updates, deletions, and real-time point queries of data.

Flexible computing node and data node architecture support on-demand resource adjustment for different loads, and efficiently respond to load changes and differentiated performance expectations.

Application Scenario

OS Data

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Device Data

IoT Device
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Production Line
Traceability Analysis


MatrixOne consolidates streaming data ingestion, real-time analytics, and data transformation in a single system to eliminate database sprawl and reduce maintenance costs for IoT platforms.


  • 70% TCO savings
  • 10x analytical performance increase
  • 5x faster development speed


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Matrix into One, Simple the Complex
50,000,000 Queries, free!
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