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Unleash the Power of Data in Seconds

Hyperconverged Engine
Breaking down system boundaries of data
Monolithic Engine
Built-in Streaming Engine
Monolithic database engine supporting hybrid workloads: transactional, analytical, time-series, machine learning etc. All-in-one architecture to simplify database management and maintenance.
In-database streaming processing by groundbreaking incremental materialized view. End-to-end data processing without redundant ETL process.
Cloud & Edge Native
Breaking down location boundaries of data
Real Infrastructure Agnostic
Multi-site Active/Active
MatrixOne supports seamless workload migration and bursting among different locations and infrastructures.
MatrixOne provides industry-leading latency control with optimized consistency protocol.
Extreme Performance
Breaking down innovation boundaries of data
Strong Consistency
High Performance
High Scalability
MatrixOne introduces a global, high-performance distributed transaction protocol across storage engines. It brings OLTP level consistency and high availability to CRUD operations in OLAP.
Accelerated queries supported by patented vectorized execution through factorization techniques. Blazing fast even for star and snowflake schema queries, improving business agility by real-time analytics.
Seamless, efficient and fully automated scale in/out and up/down without disrupting applications by disaggregated storage and compute.
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